How It Works

If you’re interested in selling an aircraft to We Buy Ugly Airplanes, here’s what you need to do. The process is simple! For starters, you’ll have to fill out our contact form. In this form, you’ll be asked to provide contact information like your name and contact information. Then, we’ll dive into information about your aircraft. 

We’ll ask for the following information about your aircraft:

  • Make, model, and number of your aircraft. 
  • Airframe’s total time.
  • Engine model, total time, and TSMOH.
  • Hail damage status (yes or no).
  • Flight log availability (yes or no).
  • Airworthiness (yes or no).

  • Bill of sale availability (yes or no).
  • Data tag availability (yes or no).
  • Location of aircraft.
  • General information regarding aircraft’s status.
  • Photos of aircraft. 

The idea here is to gather the information that will allow us to provide you with a fair offer for your aircraft. Once we receive your information, we’ll quickly get back to you with our offer and steps to take if you’re going to sell your aircraft to us. 

Now that we’ve sparked your interest, we bet that you’re wondering what aircraft we’ll purchase! The short answer? Any and every aircraft. But keep reading to learn more about the types of aircraft we will buy from you. .

Cash For Your Airplane

That’s right, there is a way that you can get cash in hand for your aircraft. At We Buy Ugly Airplanes, we understand the joy of owning an aircraft. We love flying, and we love bonding over flight with those who share the passion. That being said, owning an aircraft is a major commitment, and we totally understand how an aircraft can quickly become a financial burden that needs to be dealt with.

If you’re in a situation where your aircraft is causing you more problems than you can handle, we’re here to help. No matter the status of your aircraft, we’ll buy it! Let’s run through some scenarios. 

Damaged Or Crashed Aircraft Without Insurance

Do you have an aircraft that crashed or suffered some level of damage, and you don’t have insurance to get them fixed? This is one of the worst situations to be in! Your aircraft is sitting there, perhaps even deteriorating, and you have no route to get it fixed. Now, instead of bringing you joy, your aircraft is causing stress, frustration, and maybe even guilt. 

Stop the stress and get some cash in your pocket by selling that aircraft to We Buy Ugly Airplanes! We can take a damaged or crashed airplane off your hands, no problem! It doesn’t matter if it’s minor damage, or if it’s entirely totaled — we can help. 

Aircraft That Aren’t Safe To Fly 

Another heartbreaking situation is this: you have an aircraft that you fly regularly, but one day, you find that it’s no longer safe to fly. It could be because of one faulty component, or the plane is suffering from structural damage that’s making it unsafe. Either way, you’re not in a position to make the repairs needed to return your aircraft to flying status.

If you relate to this scenario, sell your aircraft to We Buy Ugly Airplanes! It doesn’t matter if your plane isn’t safe to fly, we’ll take it from you! 

Planes With Engines Near Or Over Their TBO

In the event that you have an aircraft with an engine nearing or over it’s TBO, you’ve got a major project on your hands. This means that you’ll either need to replace or overhaul your engine before your aircraft is suitable for flight. Best case scenario, you have the tools and facility available to fix the issue. Worst case? You don’t have the money, facilities, or time to make the repairs or replacements necessary. 

If this is the case, we can help you out by taking the stressor off of your hands and putting cash into them! This goes for any other aircraft parts that are nearing or over their TBO. Again, and we can’t stress this enough, if you have an aircraft that you want to get rid of, we’ll help you! Flyable or not, complete or not, we want it. 

Never-Ending Aircraft Projects

First it was a faulty landing gear, and then after you fixed that your engine needed replaced. And then… and then…. and then. We’ve all been there. You’re investing in something and you’re excited about it. But soon, you start to realize that the investment is becoming a money-hole, and you’ve got a never ending project on your hands. 

Truthfully, a never-ending project can be fun — if you have the resources and time to take it on. 

Never-ending projects are NOT fun when they’re affecting your quality of life. Maybe you’re struggling to pay the costs needed, or maybe it’s taking away from much needed family or socializing time. No matter the case, stop worrying about your never-ending project of an aircraft by selling it to your friends at We Buy Ugly Airplanes. 

Storage Costs Are Too High

Sometimes, you might have an aircraft in perfect condition, but the costs of storage are too high to carry on. For some, the costs can be worth it because they get to use their aircraft regularly, but for others high aircraft storage costs can become an issue, fast. If you’re in the latter group, we can help! 

We’ll happily buy your aircraft from you! And you’ll get a great price. After all, it’s what we do at We Buy Ugly Airplanes.

And Much More!

Do you own an aircraft that doesn’t fall into any of these categories? No worries! We will buy your airplane from you! So if you’re looking to sell your airplane, don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Need Parts?

If you’ve read this far, and you’re not looking to sell your aircraft, we still have some helpful information for you! While we’re focusing on buying aircraft here, we actually have some great products to sell too! The other aspect of our business is called BAS Part Sales. Through this, we sell an ever-changing inventory of great aircraft parts. So if you’re not looking to sell your aircraft, but instead are looking to repair your aircraft, head over to our part store to get the supplies you need! 

We Buy Ugly Airplanes

If you need some fast cash and have an aircraft, consider selling it to We Buy Ugly Airplanes! We’ll be happy to work with you and can give you a great price on your old aircraft. Fill out the form below to get started.