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Hello, and welcome back to the We Buy Ugly Airplanes blog! We want to use this blog to clear up some questions regarding our business and the services we offer. Of all the questions we’ve received about our services, we can sum it up with this. Our most asked question would have to be, “What airplanes do you buy? Does it matter if they don’t work?” If you’ve found yourself asking this question, or one close to it, keep reading to learn the answer! 

When We Say Ugly, We Mean Ugly

We buy all types of airplanes from all types of people, but most commonly, we’re taking aircraft off of the hands of those who need them gone. In one way or another, we’re buying ugly airplanes! 

Sometimes, we buy airplanes that have crashed and seem to be no more than a heap of junk metal. Other times, we buy aircraft that have engines over their TBO. And we’ve had experiences where we’ve bought planes that are practically brand new (aside from the countless dents from a summer storm). If we haven’t answered your question yet, here’s the answer — we will buy your airplane, whether it flies better than a bird, or whether it’s been grounded for a decade. 

If you’re still not convinced that we’ll buy your old, broken down airplane, fill out one of our questionnaires! This helps us determine the value of your aircraft. After that, you can get cash in hand. We’ll experience the process in full below. 

We Also Buy Beautiful Planes

While most people are out to sell their old, unflyable planes to us (which we love), we will also buy your new, beautiful plane! We think all planes are beautiful, but what we mean is this — we don’t just buy old airplanes. If you have an aircraft you need to sell fast, we can help! It doesn’t matter if you just bought it, or if it’s been stored in a hangar in pristine condition.

In fact, we often deal with aircraft owners who need to sell their planes because hangar costs have become too high! Aviation is one of the best activities one can pursue, but there’s no denying that it’s expensive. We understand that sometimes life forces you to let go of your pride-and-joy. 

If you’re selling us your aircraft out of financial necessity, you can trust that we will treat your aircraft with care and respect once we purchase it. 

If you’re interested in selling us your aircraft or are considering the process, contact us today

How To Sell Your Aircraft To We Buy Ugly Airplanes

If you’re wondering how to sell us your aircraft, don’t worry — we’re explaining it now! First, you’ll want to acquire information on your aircraft. To get into specifics, you’ll need the make, model, and number of your aircraft. Then we’ll need to know the aircraft’s total airframe time, its engine model, the engine’s TSMOH, and the engine’s total time. 

Next, we’ll ask for yes or no answers on questions about whether your aircraft is flyable, has suffered hail damage, has its flight logs, has data tags, and has its bill of sale. If you don’t have flight logs, don’t worry! We can still work with you.

Finally, we just need to know where your aircraft is located in the United States and if applicable, you can provide us with images of the aircraft and its components so we can give you a better estimate.

Once we’ve gotten all of the information, our experts will work up an offer, and we’ll contact you to conduct further business. Selling your aircraft has never been easier!

We Buy Ugly Airplanes

At We Buy Ugly Airplanes, we’re proud to provide a niche but much-needed service. If you’re interested in working with us and selling us your aircraft, follow this link to fill out our questionnaire and get started. And if you have any questions about the services we provide, don’t hesitate to contact us today! We’ll be happy to talk with you and answer any of your questions.